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You will hardly believe these recipes are raw!  Really...
Cheesecake, brownies, burger, lasagna, burritos, tacos...
INCLUDED IN “Rejuvenate Raw With Kim” Recipe Book


  • My story
  • How to use the recipe book
  • Detoxing with raw food
  • ​How to shop
  • ​Tips and tricks on raw food preparation
  • ​Equipment for the raw food diet
  • ​Food storage
  • ​How to clean produce
  • ​Sprouting and dehydrating nuts and seeds
  • ​Choosing a juicer
  • ​Choosing a blender


  • ​Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Mostly Fruit
  • ​Soup, Sides & Salads
  • ​Condiments & Dressings
  • ​Bread, Crackers & Wraps
  • ​Appetizers & Snacks
  • ​Main Dishes
  • ​Desserts & Treats


AND 101 Raw Food RECIPES....

Everything from simple detox juices and smoothies to scrumptious raw gourmet dishes!
The Mission:
When I was at my sickest and so close to death, I made a promise that if I ever got well, I would spend the rest of my life helping others get well too.

Raw food helped me transform my health from having one foot in the grave to now living a healthy, amazing life and helping others who are on their own healing journeys.

My mission in creating this recipe book is to provide recipes for those who would like...

  • To include some raw food recipes in their current lifestyle.
  • To consider transitioning to a raw food diet.
  • To embark on a more intense raw food detox.
  • ​To live a fully raw food lifestyle.
It is my wholehearted desire to provide raw recipes that are similar to the cooked foods we love, that not only help transform our health for the better, but look and taste amazing too!
The “Raw” Advantage:
Eating a raw food diet is so much more than eating “bird food.”  The food is beautiful, and the 101 raw recipes range from simple juices and smoothies to main course meals such as burritos, pastas, wraps, and pizza.
Most of the ingredients include only fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. 
The recipe prep ranges from easy to advanced.
The Transformation:
I found my way back to health through simplicity – by getting back to nature and eating food that is in its natural raw state.  I fell in love with eating raw, and now I can’t imagine ever eating any other way.

And I feel intense gratitude for the journey I experienced in order to become the new, healthier version of me…now living the life I always desired.

There is nothing more important than our health.  I believe when we have an energetic body that feels good, we can accomplish most anything we desire.

And I believe anyone can do what I did - to transform their health for the better when choosing a raw food diet.  

You too are worthy of feeling amazing and living your best life ever.

I believe in you.

Let’s do this!

Much love,
Oh my goodness!! I got my book today! I thought it was going to be smaller. I am so excited I could shout from the rooftop that everybody should have this book!! I have the ebook but in hand is so much better for me personally. It is gorgeous!! Thank you thank you!

- Wendy W (Female)
I got my book yesterday!! It is AMAZING! It is huge! I absolutely love the quality. I love the laminated pages because I end up spilling and I can just wipe off! 💕Also the spiral binding...the page stays open. Made a few recipes and they are wonderful! Well worth the price. Thank you Kim Whitaker for all your hard work putting this together 
– Kathy W. (Female)
I wanted to let you know and to say that it was 110% worth the wait. I am so happy with it. I am so glad I bought the hard copy. It’s excellent... super quality, gorgeous pictures and lay out and the recipes look and sound divine. I have had a good read through this evening and plan to get busy in the kitchen this weekend road testing a few things that have caught my eye. 
-  Nichola W. UK (Female)

"Just made your spinach wraps and they turned out great!!!" Good suggestion to double the recipe and freeze them. So many great recipes to try! Grateful for all these new recipes! Thanks Kim!! 

- Morgan D. (Male)
"Just made your spinach wraps and they turned out great!!!" Good suggestion to double the recipe and freeze them. So many great recipes to try! Grateful for all these new recipes! Thanks Kim!! 
- Morgan D. 
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